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I have Purchased SketchUp Pro and been charged Got an Invoice email, but No Authorization email has been sent, tried to Phone, email, use contact forms etc. and gotten no reply, there is also no way to find the serial number! I either want my license or want a refund, this is very frustrating that there is no way to just talk to somebody

Did you buy a Subscription license or the Classic license?


@colin, can you look into this, please?

Maybe the mail got stuck:

We received all six of your support emails. I will reply to one of them with your license, but I also used the license manager to send your full license:

Enter your serial number and email address, look up licenses, and use the Email my authorization code link under your license.

Or don’t do that, because I did it already.

I don’t know what you didn’t differently but that worked, thank you, just wish there was an easy way to contact the company, glad there are the forums, for future use I use here first

It is years since I last had need for technical support but then they actually did respond to my support requests, and providing for the big time difference between here and Colorado, quite promptly.

My hope is that the original email did get to you, in junk perhaps, and it should have included the phone number. Also, when you look up your license in the license manager there is License Support phone number. That number will appear under each of the licenses you have that are currently under support. In your case that’s just the one license.

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