Can't retrieve my license info, SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan. Account is Active

My account is active, shows I have paid. I was never given my serial number and authentication code. I added myself as a user, I filled out the form to have the info mailed, I looked at the support articles and am in an endless loop. I filled out the support form last night, no response. When I purchased pro, it said I would have 3 support options, chat, email and phone. What is the support phone number? Where is the chat option?

The title of your post indicates you have purchased a subscription licnese. If that is correct, there is no serial number or authentication code to send or required. You just sign in with the e-mail address and password you used when you purchased the license. When you open SketchUp, the welcome screen will have a License page. Click on that, click on Subscription and enter the e-mail address and password.

Thanks, I just attached screen grabs of what was happening. I decided to reinstall and that seems to have worked w/o the serial # and auth code. Login_Prob.pdf (486.7 KB)

Looks to me like all you needed to do was click on Subscription at the top.

On the part about being asked for a serial number in order to contact support, that shows up if you are signed in with an email address that doesn’t have a subscription. If you were signed in with anything other than your mindspring email address, you would have been asked for the serial number.

When you change from being at the end of a 30 day trial, to starting a Pro subscription, SketchUp needs to have a chance to check in, to see that change. Reinstall may well have done that, but signing out, and signing in again, would have fixed things too.

Hi @DaveR , I actually did click that tab, you can see the contents on page 3 of the PDF.

Hi @colin, thank you. I actually logged in and out with the same email address several times. I am positive I only used the email address I purchased SketchUp Pro with.

Did you buy directly? (or through a reseller?)
Did you enabled ‘Autoassign’ when you bought it? As Admin/Owner, you do not need to assign the Subscription to the same email address, the ‘Auto assign’ option is set automatically, but you might have it ticked accidentally.
Be sure to have a ‘Member’ assigned in your Account Management Portal.
Open a new private or incognito tab, go to and sign in on the top right. This would bypass cookies and cache related issues with your Trimble ID.
In th same spot, you can access your AMP, Look for the right Product (SketchUp Pro) then in the Members’ area, be sure to have a member there.

Hi @MikeWayzovski, thanks. When I installed and could not authenticate, I added myself as an active seat, thinking that might be the problem. I don’t recall anything about auto-assign. In any case, I did as you instructed just now. It shows I have SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan, 1 active seat, zero remaining and as a member, it shows me, with the email address I have used for everything. That is how it should be?

Correct, it still doesn’t work?
You can try to remove and re-assign yourself,
Check if emails are coming through.