Recovery Licence - Inability to receive email


Hi there

One of our customers purchased SketchUp Pro 2016 back in 2016. Since then the following has occurred:

-The user who registered it has left
-The computer has broken and been replaced.

On an attempt to recover the licence info, I realised that the email account linked with the licence does not exist anymore. So I created it.

I logged into the upgrade/renew portal to recover the key and clicked the link to email me the key but nothing.

I clicked and clicked again and again over the next few weeks but nothing. I’ve checked message trace logs in the email system and I’m not getting anything from Sketchup

I have an inability to call Sketchup because there is no phone number and we’ve also tried to email Sketchup both from the registered account, the owner of the company and another account but absolute silence.

Can anybody help?


Several SU Team members are being alerted and they may be able to help. You may be required to provide certain salient information in order to have help in recovering the license.


The solution is to contact sales through this page:


You can not change the email adress asociated with the license yourself or via the renewal portal.

If you use this new email to contact support, they should answer you at the new adress.
Check your Spam folder.

If you bought it from Trimble directly, contact customer support:

If you bought it from a reseller, contact them.


Already done many moons ago. Nada.


I think that @MikeWayzovski Called out the issue. Unless you sent the request from the email that was registered, you probably would not hear back from Sales.


Are you the reseller? Thus making it more confusing.
Or are you just asking in his name?

In general, a (Stand alone) license is personal, if a company buys it for one of their workers, and ‘give it away’ , you are dependant of the benevolence of the (former) worker.
A different type of license will suffice in these situations: Network Licenses, attached to a more general email address (license@company.etc) instead of personal email address.

Off course, this won’t do you any good, but someone else might stumble upon this thread…

FWIW: SketchUp can be bought directly at Trimble uses partners and distributors for sales outside of America. I do not work for Trimble, but we distribute SketchUp Pro licenses in our part of the world, thus taking over the support. The Stand alone licenses are perpetual, but support and maintenance is not. In most cases, when searching for ‘lost’ keys and forgotten licenses we are able to find them, regardless of their (maintenance and support) contract.(name/address, part of serial etc.)
Sometimes, when a customer tries to contact Trimble(SketchUp America) and fills in their license number, we’ll get notified to pick up the support.
In general, when a license ends with ALW, the license is bought directly at Trimble SketchUp America, otherwise it is bought through a reseller.
Which is yours?


Hi all

Thanks for your help regarding this issue. Just to clarify our position.

We provide IT support to the customer but we do not re-sell the SketchUp Platform, they bought this themselves using a user that no longer exists.

So I created the email address again that was registered to the licences in order to go through the licence recovery and I never got anything. I then emailed sales figuring that if customer service do not help, then sales will but again I never heard anything.

Nevertheless I sent a DM to @TheOnlyAaron with all the details so fingers crossed!