Not getting email with license


I upgraded my maintenance plan plus 2016 license and got the confirmation email but the email with the new license never arrived even though I requested it multiple times
Anybody else has problems with this?


You may want to take a look in your spam folders and check any filters you have running that are intended to filter out automatically generated emails. As those emails are automatically generated and distributed, they are sometimes marked as spam.


Hi Aaron

I did check the spam folder and there was nothing there.
I get every other form sketchup and I even have sketchup addresses on my safe list.


if you know resp. can extrapolate the serial no. of rev. 2016 (e.g. “RA-76543210-XYZ”), try if the “Resend License” form works. If not contact sales by the “Contact Sales” form.


Thanks for the reply. Yup, tried those options but the old license won’t work and support doesn’t get back to me. I get all the other emails form sketchup though


just change your old serial to the scheme above and input to the “Resend License” form. For serial numbers of SUP rev. 2014 and before remove the first triple after the both initial letters (XY-001-765… => RA-765…).



I was finally able to contact support and they took care of it. for some reason i wasn’t getting those emails even though they had the correct address