Need help! Sketchup keeps sending my license to wrong email

I have changed my email address several years ago. I have been a Sketchup.uses for 9 years straight.

I just installed Sketchup 2020 in a new computer and found out my serial number and authentication have been changed.

I went to the apropriate link to regenerate my new serial number and authentication code. This was successfully done but sent to an email I no longer have.

When I changed my email 6 or 7 years ago my new licenses would come to my new email address. All notifications also come to the new address including the invoices.

How can the upgraded serial number go to a defunct email address?

How come no one at Sketchup or Trimble (very confusing now) not answer any help messages sent on the web page?

I have been a loyal customer and pay for my subscription and cannot even get my license.

Very disappointed and eager to receive help.

Thank you

Did you bought it directly from or via a local reseller?
If you are subscribed, you just need to login with the email address where you receive the notifications from.

I have always bought online from Sketchup.

I am using the email address I have been using for the last 6 or 7 years to login and purchase my license and it is also the same email I get my invoice, license and other notifications.

However my new 2020 license keeps going to the obsolete email address.

If you bought a subscription there will be no license sent to you. You’ll use the e-mail address and password you used when you bought the subscription to authorize SketchUp 2020.

This forum isn’t the official support contact page. The last time that you contacted us was over two years ago.

Can you confirm that your old email address included ‘vijetainc’? If I am looking at the right account, I can change the email on your licenses to be your gmail address.

Do you know that you have a 2021 license as well? Once I fix the email address I will get the new license details sent to you.

Yes. That is correct. vijetainc email address is now obsolete.

Thank you.

Your previous emails had been working because the billing email address had been updated, but the email address on the license itself was still set to the old address. I have fixed that now, and you can enter your current email address on the license manager page now:

I will send you a private message to give you the 2020 and 2021 license details.


Thank you. Appreciate your help!