Licence problem

I paid for a subscription for a desktop version of SketchUp Pro 2019 in May and recently had to sign back into my account when I went to work with my models and found that I am now on a 30 day trial subscription. I no longer have the email address that I had when I originally signed up for and paid for the subscription with. I am being made to chase my tail by the information on the Trimble web site which says I need to access my account with the license number which I can’t access. Anyone have a solution for this?

There are two separate problems. First one is that your May 2019 subscription needs to be used by your new email address. Second, you have some number of models you made with the old email address, that you might need to access with the new email address. As least I think that’s the problems!

For the subscription, sign into this page with your old email account:

Select Members from the left side, and choose SketchUp Pro. In the list of members, remove yourself (which is the old email address). +Assign now, and add your new email address. Check your new email, you’re likely to have received new messages about being assigned a SketchUp subscription.

Once you are in the list of members in your old email account management portal, you can open SketchUp and sign in with your new email.

For the models, you can sign into Trimble Connect with your old email address, then share any models you want to keep, to your new email address.

I think that there isn’t a way currently to transfer ownership of either a subscription or a Trimble Connect account, but the above steps should work around things for now.

One other thing, before May next year, go into the account management portal, choose Plans, and Edit Plan for SketchUp Pro. Turn off auto renew, and then in May start a new subscription with your new email address.

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Okay, so I was able to wrap my head around how this works, stop being foolish and found my old password for the original Trimble account so I can use my SketchUp subscription properly now. In other words, I now understand that the email address is really a sign in name attached to the account so it works fine even with that email address being inactive and inaccessable. I am loath to mess with it at all at this point because it takes up my time and because I would dislike it very much if removing my old email address from the member list made things not work properly. I did send in a request to change the email address attached to the account via a link I found while digging around on the Trimble/SketchUp site. I have not heard back on that just yet. Is it your opinion that I should just go ahead and change the email address in the manner you outlined or should I leave well enough alone for now?

I neglected to thank you for the reply, so…thank you Colin.

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Hallo lieber Colin

ich habe schon wieder Probleme mit meiner Lizenz.

Da mein PC sowie auch Laptop nicht mit 2019 arbeiten kann muss ich wieder 2018 installieren aber das geht leider nicht.

Wer kann mir die wieder auf 0 setzen um die wieder installieren zu können.

MfG Andy.

Do you have a Subscription license? That license is for version 2019 and up.
Prior to version 2019, you would need to have a classic license.
You cannot activate <=2018 versions with a Subscription.
The problem is not the license, it is the fact you do not get 2019 to work on your laptop, not?
Do a search on the forum start here:

Hallo danke das sie sich so schell gemeldet haben.

Ja ich habe eine Lizenz 2018 und 2019 PRO.

Mein Problem liegt in der neue UP Date von Windows Zeit die installiert ist habe ich Probleme mit 2019 auf meinem PC und Laptop.

Die PC laufen sonst gut mit 2019 ohne Problemen.

Brauchen sie meine Lizenz zum nach kontrollieren?

MfG Andy.

Ah, so you had a ‘classic’ license, version 2018, starting with the letter ‘T’.

When you activated version 2019 (with serial starting with the letter ‘U’) that version became the active version.
Since that moment, you can no longer install and activate the older version on a new device such as your laptop.
You can have several licenses for different versions activated on a machine, but only one license is active.
Still, trying to get version 2019 to work properly is the way to go, I guess? Otherwise a downgrade could be possible, but then you have to give up the activation of the 2019 version.

Your problem should have its own thread, btw, if it is not related to the OP (Subscription)

THX Mike

I think that at the moment we can’t change the email address of a given Trimble ID. I’m not sure if that is something that will be possible in the future.

You’re right that it’s effectively just a sign in name, one potential problem is that important messages may be sent to the old email address. You could leave it alone for now, but you could also go into the Edit Plan section and turn off auto renew. Then when your current subscription runs out, just sign up for a new one with your new email address.

The email address is the ‘unique identifier’ of the Trimble ID…

You can have multiple people called John Smith, they can even have the same address were they live, or company where they work, but they would not have the same email address. (Thus Trimble ID)

If you could tie the ID via two-way authentication to a (mobile) phone, the other ‘unique identifier’ for people, these days, then it would be possible.

Paypall has it, why not Trimble ID?

The need though is to shift ownership of subscriptions to another email address. Whether that is a new email address for you, or another person who is taking over your job, it would be useful to be able to do that.

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As you suggested, I will turn off auto renew and set up a new account when it is time . I think that this issue with email is a bit of a shortcoming in the system that is in place. I understand why it is set up this way but a work around for people in my situation would be helpful. I simply had to ditch my ISP because they were terrible and my email address was associated with that ISP. As soon as I changed my ISP that old email was turned off. I can’t be the first person who has had this type of experience and I doubt very much I will be the last. Thank you for the explanation and help, I appreciate it.

Hey @colin and @splithair

We can submit tickets to have TID user names changed. This should be self-serve sometime next year.

The problem is that the process to change your TID email/username requires that you prove that you have access to both the old and new email accounts. Otherwise it would be a huge security hole if we just took people’s word for it.

@colin it might be worth asking TID if they have some process where @splithair could get his old ISP to provide some kind of proof that he owned his email at some point but that would not be a quick process.


What if the ISP is terrible? Why not use Google authenticator? (Send code to mobile phone)

The most common reason that you would need to change the emailadress is because you don’t have access anymore…

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hi @colin I have a similar problem, I have a license for Sketchup 2019 pro, but the actual available version 2019.2 won’t recognise my serial number

It’s not related to the problem, but you might want to renew your support some time.

At the moment you have your license activated on three machines. If you’re having problems activating 2019.2, either install it on one of your machines that is already running 2018, or remove the license from 2018 on one of the machines that you don’t need SketchUp on.

I sent you your 2019 license to make sure you’re using the right authorization code.

What you are suggesting would allow anyone to change anyone else’s TID username/email address. Google authenticator is not an option because it can’t assure a person owned an email address after the fact. We would never accept a phone number in place of an already verified email account. Bottom line is that we have to assure accounts are secure. For example when employee’s leave a company, the employer (account owner) needs to be able to securely lock that user out if needed.

If you plan to change ISPs and emails you should update your usernames first. I would also suggest not tying your email address to any ISP if at all possible. Use a web-based email provider instead.

Access to your Trimble ID has nothing to do with what Plans are assigned to it. If we are allowed to have one Trimble ID (per definition and legaly) we should have the right to (re)gain access to it!

The administrator of that account could simply revoke that Trimble ID and assign it to the new employee.
If it was given directly to the employee, then it would be lost for the company and should be considered as ‘collateral damage’ for the company for the rest of the duration of the subscription.

We need administrator roles in the AMP.

I have had three ‘email changes requests’ today…

Ah sorry Mike I didn’t realize you were a reseller/distributor. Those features are being worked on for the Channel partner portal. AMP is only customer facing.

You should already be able to re-assign to a new TID/email via the Channel Portal.

Email changes will always require access to both old and new accounts and must be competed by the customer. Again allowing you to take someone’s word that they legitimately own an email but no longer have access is a huge security risk. In cases where someone does lose access to their email, its best to encourage the customer to migrate to a TID where they do have access to the corresponding email account. If you have questions reach out to your channel manager.

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