Licensing and access

I am in desperate need of help. I had a trial version of Sketchup Pro and then purchased a subscription to sketch up pro. The sketch up pro subscription I paid for never showed up under products. The only thing that showed up under products was the trial version.

I opened the ticket and they told me to delete my ID and re-create it which I did do this did not change anything and now my trial version is expiring tomorrow and I am working on a big project that has a deadline on it

I am not getting anywhere with support. I have receipts showing that I purchased sketch up pro. Does anybody know what needs to be done?

PLEASE HELP I’m desperate!

The The user ID I purchased the license under (removed email address)

If you sign on to SketchUp using the same email as you used when you purchased the subscription, it should work. But if it does not, few of the participants here are Trimble employees - there is nothing we can do except refer you to Trimble support. Sometimes @colin (who is a Trimble employee) can help with this kind of issue.

Do not post your ID on a public forum!

Usually the reason is that you haven’t assigned the subscription to your account.

When you sign into this page:

you are given a choice of accounts. For some reason you have two accounts, maybe something was slightly different between the time you did the trial and when you paid for the subscription. If you are already looking at the Products section and not seeing your Pro subscription, click on the account menu that is below the edit profile link, and choose the other account.