Trial Expired

I downloaded the trial version and then bought PRO. The trial version is now expired and I am not able to access my 2021 Pro subscription. I have the emailed receipt from Trimble, but the “product” Sketchup Pro is not on my account. I have call the Sales Department multiple times, but I have gotten no response. What next?

When you tried SketchUp you had used your email address. When you bought SketchUp you chose to sign in with Apple, and also hide your email address. So, the subscription doesn’t know your real email only the disguised one because you hid the real email.

The solution is to sign in with Apple to this page:

When you get there, make sure to choose the company name for the account, and not the Personal one, if you see that too. In the Members section you will see who the subscription is assigned to, and it will be the disguised Apple email address.

If you would rather sign in with Trimble, using your real email address, you can point to the entry in the members list, and click the button to remove that email as the user. Then click the + Assign button, to add in your real email address. After that you can sign in with Trimble, and see the subscription. If after that change you sign in with Apple again, you won’t see the subscription.


Awesome Colin!
I did as you suggested and I have the Pro subscription listed as a product. I’m getting a 503 error when I try to download, but I have Sketchup PRO.
Thanks so much!

Sorry about the 503 error, is going under some maintenance today. Hopefully when you see itself reappear, the download will work.

The direct link to the installer may work for you:

Windows SketchUp 2021 installer