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I just subscribe to Trimble SketchUp Pro (SketchUp Pro, annual subscription) but I cannot find the product that I subscribed to in my Trimble Account Management / My Products page (url: and already paid and confirmed an annual subscription rate that subscription is already running since 28 September 2020. Please advise what to do.

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Me too… Please advise…

When you paid for Pro you used sign in with Apple, and chose to hide your email address. So, make sure to sign in with Apple when you look at your account management page.

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klemens.konstruksigemini, your SketchUp Shop subscription looks like it should be working ok. Make sure you are signing in with your Gmail address.

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Look for a new message from support.

Thanks for your advice. I did sign in using the Trimble SketchUp account used in the purchase of the subscription but the issue is that it was supposed to appear what I subscribed for in the account I used when I logged in. Or at least email me the Serial No. and License number or whatever I can use to open SketchUp Pro.

You have a subscription that doesn’t come with a serial number. When you bought it you had signed in with Apple, and chosen to hide your email address. If you sign in with Apple again, it will work as a log in, and your subscription will work. You don’t sign in to Trimble using your Apple ID.

This article shows the different sign in options, including the sign in with Apple one:

Thank you for the really, really fast support!

Pada tanggal Sen, 12 Okt 2020 pukul 23.26 Colin Holgate via SketchUp Forum <> menulis:

I use one email for Apple ID & Google Account -

‫في الثلاثاء، 13 أكتوبر 2020 في 10:27 ص تمت كتابة ما يلي بواسطة ‪Klemens Konstruksigemini via SketchUp Forum‬‏ <‪‬‏>:‬

I am using Windows 10 Operating System not Apple.

That wouldn’t stop you from using sign in with Apple. I am able to see your payment of $299, with your name and address and email. That’s how I can tell that you used sign in with Apple, with the Hide My Email option, at the time you paid for SketchUp.

If you had not chosen to hide your email address you would now be able to sign in with your real email address instead, and that would work whether you used Apple, Google, or Trimble.

In this page you can turn off the Hide Email option, which will make your signing in be easier:

But, any future emails about your account will still go to the privaterelay.appleid address. Don’t worry though, that will get redirected to your real address.

I will reply to the support email to tell you how to add your real email address as the user for the subscription.

For anyone following along, we will refund Samy and he can start again, only not using the sign in with Apple ID, hide email option.

We’ve requested that the sign in page should come with an attached help article that explains the consequences of signing in with different ways. I imagine that Google will add a hide email option in the future too. I’m not looking forward to that.


HA! Excellent. Just what the big boys do… Lessons from AutoDesk!

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