Impossible to sign in to my sketchUp pro Annual plan

I just bought the SketchUp pro annual plan for the first time and when I sign in in the app I just get the sketch up trial version.
I’m using the same account, I don’t understand.

Anyone can help me please?

As you can see:
Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 22.49.11|690x431

don’t use Apple login, but the yellow one (my first reaction)
what do you see in the Members area?

Hi Mike Wayzovski

Here is the members area:

I used the Apple login the first time I signed in to my account.
I think it could be the problem but I’m not sure.
I’m now using the yellow one.

You need to add yourself to be a member (+Affecter)
Use the email address that you use to log in into SketchUp.
Then, log out and back in in SketchUp.

It works!
Thanks a lot.
I’didnt expect it so easy.

FWIW, if you buy directly, you can (un)check the ‘Auto-assignment’, if you buy via a reseller, the subscription would be assigned to the email address that you give when buying.
You can change the email in the member area yourself (hoover over the member and click on the little x at the end.

If you use Apple ID for sign in, make sure you you have it set to use the same email as your Trimble ID, for else it would just create another Trimble ID.
So I suspect you did that when you ordered, because it’s an unusual email address…

Yes you’re right. I did that but not in purpose.
Thanks for the clarification.

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