Can't Access Sketchup Pro

I bought a license for Sketchup Pro three months ago.
I try launch/ use the program and it tells me I have to sign up again.
Then it tells me to start a free trial?
I already paid for this.
How do I use the program I paid for already?!

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If you bought a classic licence, click “Add Classic Licence” at the bottom of your last screenshot. If you bought a subscription, maybe you’re logged in to the wrong Trimble account?

I think that I see an order that matches what you say, though it was in mid-January, which would help explain why you are trying SketchUp 2019. Having a subscription means you can install 2020 if you would like.

If it is the right order, the associated email starts with ‘mind’. If you’re signed in with any other email, you would see the trial message.

Thanks, yes I have another email account which I signed up with.
I think I changed my email with you guys though.
Sketchup has worked for me for the past five months - I don’t understand why it doesn’t now.

The email you use is something you have control over. You can create a new Trimble ID by signing in under the email you want to use, and then creating that as an account ID.

If the new ID already works, and you want that to be the email that can use SketchUp, you would sign into this page, with your admin email:

to then modify the Members list, removing the old email, and assigning the new email.

Currently your admin email is that ‘mind’ one. If you want the new Trimble ID to be admin, contact us, and we can do that: