Shut out of SketchUp Pro

Several times now I have been locked out of SketchUp because it does not recognize my license. The little identity icon in the top right of window shows my name and email but somehow not my current subscription. Clicking on ‘Manage License’ I am told to restart SketchUp to begin my 30-day trial.
The manage license website does not recognize the TIN# copied from my purchase agreement – says, “serial number is case sensitive”
So, for the moment I am uncertain how to proceed and frustrated with the process.
Please advise, thanks.

Did you convert your classic license into a subscription?
If so, go to and sign in with the email that bought it.
Check the Member secction, first.
There should be an email with 'Product access" (third row) You can modify with the three dots at the end of that line.
FTR. There is no information about the classic license that you converted in the AMP.
There is also no information about your current subscription plan in the classic license manager.
Different systems.

The email you use in the forum is the one that has the two year Pro subscription. Make sure that’s the email you are signing in on.

Well, the problem magically cleared up. I texted the Trimble Help folks and was hoping to get an email with the info so I had it for the next occurrence, maybe they just fixed it. Anyway thanks for the help here.