Can't add a License

Hello !

I just baught Sketchup Pro one month ago !

I got confirmation of my taht the payement had been executed, and could open and work with no problem.

I noticed that Sketchup was sending me notes to tell me that i was still in the trial, but after checking, i taught it was for another version of sketchup, and that it would be ok.

But today, I try to open it, and it asks me a serial number.

I checked again in my mails, cannot find anything !

On line they say to open Sketchup and click “license” but it won’t let me do it

Someone has any idea where can I get my Serial number?

Thanks !

Do you know if you purchased a SketchUp Pro Subscription license or a SketchUp Pro Classic license?

The former is only tied to a TrimbleID i.e an email address and does not have a serial number.

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It says in the description “Sketchup Pro, annual subscription”

That’s your clue. Click on Subscription and sign in using the e-mail address and password you established when you set up your account.

To add to Dave comment, I believe the license system prioritizes the Trial over your purchased Subscription license, if you still have a few days left in the Trial.

This is because the trial gives you Access to SketchUp Pro Studio, which in turn means you can access Sefaira during the Trial. So in the top right you might still see the “your trial ends XXX date” message.

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Not quite, if you have bought a subscription (or classic license for that matter) it should reflect in the Welcome Screen.
So in this case, the OP has to log out and sign back in to trigger the license server, or he has is not signed in with the proper email.

The OP is all ready signed in with a Trimble ID, otherwise, it would not say ‘subscription will end on this and that date’.

Two options from there, either he has used a different email address to purchase; this would automatically assign the subscription to that email.
Or, sometimes, the order would not be assigned automatically and the assignment has to be done in the AMP (Account Management Portal)
You can access your AMP here:

Scroll down on the left side to choose the proper Plans and Members section, and then assign a member (=add a Trimble ID)

Yeeeeeees !

It worked !

Thank to all of you guy’s :smiley:

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