Bought Pro Version still get "free trial" message

I bought the Pro version 2019 after using the free trial. But, even though I bought a version, it still says I have X days left on my trial version. I can go to trimble and see my purchase but it won’t open as the PRO version, and I don’t know how to make it work. Suggestions / Directions?

perpetual or subscription?

login w/ the email used during purchase, if already logout and login again.

If it is the standard desktop application, and you entered a serial number and authorization code, made sure you have selected Classic and not Subscription in the Welcome or license screens. The trial mentioned in the Subscription section is referring to a 30 day trial of SketchUp Studio that you have been given.

I paid for the subscription, but I don’t have a serial number even though I have a receipt showing I paid.

the subscription license is bound to the email address used for your concerning Trimble ID, try if logging out and logging in from inside SU helps.

You may want check the status of your license in the Trimble Account Management Portal too.

Then what did I pay $119 for? That’s what it said. “You have X number of days. Buy now.” So I paid the $119 understanding that would take me out of the trial version. No?

119 is for SketchUp Shop, the premium webbased online modeler.
It has nothing to do with the desktop app.
Subscriptuon to the desktop app is 299…

So your desktop app will still be in trial.

Ok. I don’t need sketchup shop. And I can’t afford PRO right now. Can I get a refund? Thanks.

You should get in touch with customer support.
This is just a public forum were people help each other, not official customer support:

I’m having the same issue. I purchased a Pro subscription and when checking licenses under Help > Manage License it shows I only have an active trial. I’ve signed out and back in and still having issues.

Go to here:

and select Members on the left, and Pro from the products along the top. Make sure you’re listed in the Users section. If you’re not, add yourself. Then back in SketchUp, sign out and sign in again.

Thanks Colin, I show up under members with the correct email address both here and in Sketchup. I’m using Gmail to log in, not a native Sketchup Account. This is happening both on my laptop and my desktop.

Actually Colin nailed it, I just realized I wasn’t clicking on the Pro tab at the top under my subscriptions. Once I added my email now things are working… Thanks all!

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Ha! Glad that worked. I had suggested the same step in another topic, hopefully that helped them too. No need to reply to any messages I sent.

Hey!It Did Work! Thank You , Bro!