If I install this free 2019 Pro (due to my maintenance being up to date), am I automatically on the subscription plan? Does this mean my personal (paid in full) 2018 Pro license is now void?

No, you have to add your classic license (serial which starts with an ‘U’)


The welcome screen and license screens now have to cater to subscribers. Look for which section you are in, Classic or Subscription. You enter the classic license in the Classic section. Meanwhile, the Subscription section may be showing you a 30 day trial of SketchUp Studio that you have been given. You could check into that during the 30 days, or ignore it, if you only want to use the permanent license desktop application.

Or log out.

There is some interplay between the main sign in and the Extension Warehouse. As far as I can tell you can’t sign out from either warehouse, but you can from the main screen. There will be cases where you want to be signed in with your Trimble account related email address, like when using Launch Trimble Connect, but then use your personal email address to sign in to EW to install extensions you bought before you even had a Trimble account.

So, I generally leave myself signed in, and ignore messages about subscription that don’t apply to me.

Hello. I’m confused. I bought the “Maintenance and Support Plan” for SketchUp Pro 2019 for €110 and now it says “Subscription status: Expired”. Do I really need to pay an additional $299 to have the full Pro features?
If so, what is the point of having the Maintenance and Support Plan"?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You need to add your classic license (Help->Welcome to SketchUp or in the Welcome screen upon startup)

Hello. Thank you for your reply. I went to the Welcome screen and it shows me as having a license:

Licensed for: Commercial use
License type: Single User

Well, then you are all set, then. The ending subscription notification is probably from the trial. Everyone can use the trial for 30 days, were you can explore the PRO subscription based AR/VR viewers and even the STUDIO energy/daylight analyse extension Sefaira.

You can sign out via the icon in the top left corner.

That’s good news, but when I try to search in the Extension Warehouse, it tells me “Permission denied”.

You could still access and log in the extension warehouse via a browser (Chrome,firefox or Edge etc)
Then, install via the Extenion Manager in SketchUp.

Thanks for this. I tried it and it worked. And now I can access the Extension Warehouse directly from SketchUp. Strange.

Thanks for your help.