Transitioning from Pro License to "subscription"

Close to 20 year user here. Paid for pro version long ago. Paid annual fees when they were offered for maintenance/update and assistance services for many years. Now escalated to the subscription model, which I completely detest. Finally just gave in and paid up, yet after days of waiting, still receiving notices to subscribe. No one apparently reads the responses, though it says you can. Talking to the robots, so far, is going nowhere.

All processes followed, signed in, etc. etc.
Got the screen indicating I could close the tab - I’m signed in, signed up, go ahead, start using Sketchup 2022.

Opening screen says:
“start free trial”
“enter classic license”

I don’t get it.

It’s really neither. Or am I still, and always will be listed as a classic license holder?
Does “free trial” mean my payment still hasn’t registered after several days, or should I disregard and enter my classic license? Or does that preclude any current maintenance or help services if I enter my original classic license (you know, the unsupported version now), instead of waiting for some magic moment when the system awakens and indicates “You’re all set” and the free trial button goes away? The FAQ pages say they can help you figure out what you bought, but no clarity is gleaned from what I’ve read there.

Feels like I just made a mistake buying into this mess.
I’ve neither done nor paid so much, at Sketchup’s dictation, and received nothing but confusion in return.


There is no longer a classic license available so you’d need a subscription. The Classic License sign in option is still used for some special cases such as beta testers but you cann[t purchase a classic license anymore.

So if you’ve paid for the subscription license you should be able to sign in using your e-mail address and the password you used when you bought it.

As for Mainetenance and Support, that’s basically what you get when you renew the subscription.

By the way, it’s still a “pro” license.

Well aware of the elimination of the Classic License, as stated.
Paid for the subscription, as stated.
Fully signed in.
Still: “free trial” or “enter classic license”

Thought someone else must have gone through same scenario and had a simple answer(?)


Try signing out of SketchUp and signing back in.

Here’s a link to a relevant help page.

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Have a rep from sketchup trying to help. They indicated same solution - log out, shut down, re-open, log back in and should work.

It doesn’t

Did you install SU2022 correctly? On Windows that requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator.

Buying makes you the account Owner. It doesn’t mean that the seat is yours to use immediately.
The seat needs to be assigned to the (end) user.
This can be done in the account management portal of the Owner in a browser.
Go to and check the Members section.
The email that you use to sign in into SketchUp needs to have ‘Product access’ in the third column.
One can change that by clicking on the dots in the last column.
Once this is done, you still need to sign out in SketchUp itself and close the app to see the changes in the license tab.

Does that mean you can have two users on 1 account license? As long as they are not accessing that license concurrently?

Somewhere amongst the suggestions may have been something about assigning the seat to yourself. I checked, and at the moment your subscription isn’t assigned to anyone.

To assign the seat to yourself, go to this page:

Unser SketchUp Pro, choose Members, and add yourself as a user for the subscription.

Buying makes you the account Owner
That’s outrageously funny, considering I’ve been pushed as far away from “owning” a copy of this software as you can get.
So, now that I, as the official named “renter” of Sketchup, I have finally assigned myself a seat at the table, I may at long last, begin working.
Thank you for the assistance.

Even with the old classic license or when they distributed CD’s, one never actually owned the software itself, just the right to use it…

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It’s something that can be disputed, especially under EU laws.

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And that is why lawyers get rich.

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owning a license (and not the software (source code)) is maybe the right wording.

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And if there is any doubt, read the entire Terms of use…most simply just check the box and move on.

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