Subscription for 2020

I paid 120.00 for the subscription how do I use sketchup do I go to the internet or do I download a new version of the program i am lost.

That would be a one year Maintenance to upgrade your classic license I guess?
While paid each year, it is not the same as a subscription. Which costs 299 for Pro (Desktop version with LayOut and StyleBuilder) and 119 for Shop, the web-based modeller.

You should have received a serial number (starting with ‘VA’) and autho code for version 2020.

It was the subscription I used a promo code that saved me 179 on subscription for one year

download and install 2020, (Preferably while rightclicking on the downloaded installer file and choose: “Run as Administrator”), start SketchUp and sign in with the email address that bought it. It should be assigned to that email address. If not, you can manage this in the Account management Portal.

This would also mean that you’re classic license is now migrated. Suppose you traded in version 2019. You could use that version perpetually with the classic license info and swap the license from machine to machine.

Note that your Classic license was usually with your AOL email address, and your subscription is with your Gmail address. Make sure you are signing in to SketchUp with the Gmail address.