SketchUp 2019 subscription license not working with Extension Warehouse licenses?

I’ve had an unusually large amount of users contacting me about Extension Warehouse licenses not activating in the last few weeks, possibly since 2019 was released. I’ve also heard it might be related to the subscription licenses.

So to get to the point, I’d appreciate a lot if people could share their experiences with Extension Warehouse licenses in SketchUp.

  • What SketchUp version are you using?
  • What license (subscription or perpetual)?
  • Can you activate licensed extensions from Extension Warehouse (either trials or purchased extensions; yes/no)?

Please note that any evidence falsifying a connection EW licenses not working and SketchUp subscription licenses is just as valuable as any evidence supporting it, so please don’t stay away from posting just because it worked for you.

Also please note that I’m not asking this to get traffic to my extensions, and you don’t need to buy a license to test this, installing a trial is all it takes. SU4you and myself have several extensions using the Extension Warehouse licensing. If anyone else is too I’d be glad to list their names here.

But, more important, wich account did you use when you downloaded (and or) purchased the extension?

If not tied to the (newly created?) Trimble ID, you need to find a way:

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Thanks! I had completely missed this thread.

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I’ve been having issues with the license manager for my paid extensions. I have SU4you’s MakeFace extension which won’t work anymore and Mind.Sight.Studios’ Artisan Organic Toolset.

What happens is that when I try using the extension by clicking on it on the toolbar I get an error stating that my license isn’t valid. I’ve used the same login credentials since Sketchup 2016 and I’ve used these specific tools without incident since 2017, so it’s not an issue with multiple accounts. I even re-purchased MakeFace through the 2019 interface and it didn’t help.

I went through SketchUp’s support procedure (multiple times) in March and here’s what they had to do in order to get my extensions to work. They had to give me a temporary SketchUp Pro license so that I could download and activate my licenses. Apparently there’s a bug with SketchUp Studio’s (I guess that’s what they’re calling the subscription service) license management code or something.

My HDD became corrupted recently (because of Windows 10 of course) and I had to reinstall SketcUp. Needless to say, I’m having the exact same issue again. Maybe this is a strong arm technique to force us to buy SketchUp pro?

This is bug is known and acknowledged by Trimble. Now the only thing we can do is to wait.

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That’s good to hear. I couldn’t find any updated information about this bug on the forums. It’s been a serious pain in my side since I upgraded to 2019. Hopefully they fix it sooner rather than later.


I have the same problem. Purchased the pro version in March 2021 (annual license → until March 2022) and now it stopped working. Within my account details it only shows that I have the “free” version. Also tried to activate it via the confirmation mail. Doesn’t work anymore.

Any ideas how we could fix this?.. I can’t continue to work :open_mouth:

Thanks a lot for your help, Flavia

What is the error message?
Try to sign in and close SketchUp (and LayOut)
Then start it up again.