Extension Warehouse Licensing Down?

Hi All!

In the last 24 hours at least 4 people have contacted me about not being able to use my plugins. All have been able to install the extension but then get an error that the license is missing, regardless of whether they have tried the trial or paid for a license.

I’m thinking there might be an issue with the EW licensing system. Naturally I’m only contacted by users who can’t use the extensions, not by user saying they can. Has anyone had any success licensing an extension from Extension Warehouse lately?


I’ve got the problem on your plugin and on another slice plugin…

No one seems to talk about this.

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Thanks for letting em know not only my extensions are affected.

I’d assume no one working on SketchUp is available during the weekend but I’ll keep my fingers crossed the bugged update is pulled back or patched ASAP when the SketchUp team gets back to work.

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