Extension warehouse license

Hey there! I had bought a few extensions over the last few months and had to reinstall sketchup recently. Now all the licenses show as expired. Can this be fixed or will I have to buy them again?

Anything you paid for should be able to install again. For the email you use in the forum I only see free extensions and four trial ones. Did you buy other extensions under a different email address? Were any of the extensions from Sketchucation?

Hi Colin, all those shown as trial, i had purchased. I reached out to Eneroth, as most of the extension were her’s. But she said its a Sketch-up issue. I cant find any email confirmations of the purchase, but I think I’ll have credit card receipts.

Do you know if you paid for the extensions via Extension Warehouse, or you had bought them straight from the developer? If it was from Extension Warehouse, I should see those in the list of your extensions, which I don’t.

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