Extension warehouse issues with purchased extensions

Does anyone know how to reinstall plug ins previously purchased on the EW? I have a couple of Eneroth’s extensions that I purchased back in October 2017 and I cannot reinstall them into Pro 2019. Can’t even re-purchase them; I’m just locked out from using them.

From checking the forum, it seems I’m not the only one with this issue. You’d think that this process would be a bit more seamless than it seems to be…

Ideally, when you stop using SketchUp on an old machine, and you remove the license, you should uninstall paid extensions as well. That will free up the activation for the new computer.

That doesn’t always happen, or machines die before you get a chance to do that. Some of your Eneroth extensions were still active on old machines. I adjusted things, and you should be able to install them now.


Thank you, Colin!

Actually, Colin, I’m still getting the expired trial / no license dialog.

I had a similar issue with one extension. Reinstalling it from the Warehouse fixed it.

Try uninstalling the extension, and install it again. The licensing happens when you install the extension, and the changes I made won’t fix an extension that is already installed.

Nope. I uninstalled, quit, then restarted SU. In the EW it still shows “Trial Expired”.

Was that a paid extension, Dave? Hell, Christina does such incredible work with her extensions, I’d pay for it again, if only I could.

Are extension licenses automatically released when the SketchUp license is removed?

I don’t think it’s tied into a new machine, either. I’ve had to delete and fresh install Sketchup at least once or twice a year. I haven’t bought a new computer in 3 years or more.

Yes. Uninstalling it and reinstalling it from the Warehouse took care of it after the license was freed up.

Hmmm… I don’t know what’s going on with my end… I could really use both Visual Merge and View memory right now!

Someone brought this up back during beta and a bug ticket (EW-2701) was created back then to look in to this issue. The trial expired with no date issue that is.

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So why hasn’t it been fixed? By the way, I’m still working in 2019, if that makes any difference. Like I’ve noted, I’d pay for the plugins again, but there’s no way to do that. I’m simply locked out of functionality that I’ve paid for.

What’s it take to get the mucky mucks at Trimble to pay attention???!!!

Did you go into the Plugins folder and remove the extension before installing it again as Colin suggested?

I don’t think so. The extension license is updated when you install the extension. If that was given up when removing the SketchUp license, and adding it back again, you might have to reinstall the paid for extensions to fix the license file. I do a lot of tests where I have to remove and add licenses, and haven’t noticed losing my paid extensions.

In case I said it incorrectly, I didn’t mean to say that removing the extension by any means would work. I mean that the Manage tab of Extension Manager should be used to uninstall the extension. That should also free up the paid license activation, if there is one.

Exactly the method I used, Colin.

You know, I did not do this step, Dave. You may be on to something! As I’ve found you to be any number of times!

Well, looked in the plugins folder and neither of the plugins in question were there. So, removing as Colin suggested using the EW interface must remove them from the folder.

Still looking…