Extension warehouse licensing down


Public status announcement: The extension Warehouse licensing is currently down. Neither trials or purchased extensions can be activated and run in SketchUp.

SketchUp staff has been notified but it is to me unknown what has caused the issue or how long it will take to have it fixed.


The problem may be fixed now. I don’t know, as there is no change log of EW that we developers have access to. Last case of licensing failure I have heard of was now 16 hours ago.


I just installed a trial of your Component Replacer and the trial seems to be working as expected. I also tryed 2DXY Slick Moves and its trial works fine.


Good! For a few days I’ve been bombarded by emails about licenses not being activated, but it appears to have stopped now.

SketchUp NEEDS to have a change log to EW though, so we can see when things like this occur and gets fixed.


So what do users need to do to solve this problem?
Are licenses verified in real time every time SketchUp is started? If so they need to do nothing.
Or are licenses stored in a EW.lic file on the users’ machine so they can work offline?


Licenses are only activated when an extension is installed (at least to my understanding). If you haven’t bought an extension the last few days through EW you should not be affected.

If you have bought an extension and can’t run it I’m not sure what to do. Maybe it can be re-installed from EW.


I’ll suggest an uninstall/reinstall to my recent new customers.
However, users who failed to get a trial license will now get an “expired” message at best.


Finally someone at Trimble has taken notice: This message appears at top of extension warehouse page:

“Currently experiencing technical difficulties with some extension licenses and approvals”


If there were only a change log so you could see exactly when the message was added, witha reference to what the problem is, and later be able to check if it’s fixed :confused: .


I just wanted to check how @eneroth3 's weld tool working (specially the “…forms proper arcs and circles whenever possible…” function ) but is not possible. :cry: ((SU2019 Trial on W10)

I heve been tried uninstall, reinstall, disable, enable, logout-log-in, restart (SU/WIN), manually delete plugin folder, reinstall SU2019… whatever, several times with a “thousands” of combination.

Actually I don’t really need it, I was only curious.

Now I’m wondering if the EWH licensing engine is willing to work at all? :tired_face:


Are you registered as a developers? There is apparently a bug that prevents people registered as developers from licensing extensions ourself. I tried installing several different extension trials and none worked. I even asked on the forum if there was any single recorded case of anyone having been able to activate any license at all, but got no response. Eventually i tested to sell an extension I had originally intended to publish for free, and people bought it, so apparently it did work for someone. Much, much later I was informed there was a bug affecting developers only.


No, I’m not. ( I have to find enough time, to learn much more, first. )
I had been “worked” hard in a last 3 hours to get your plugin ‘trial’. Finally just 2 minutes ago, I manege to try out in SU2017Make. :grinning:
But in SU2019 still a garbage… :-1:t4:
Never-mind. At least your plugin is good, as usual. :+1:t4:


That’d interesting. I wonder if more people have issues related to 2019. Have you tried in 2018 too, or just 2017 and 2019?


My 2018 trial has gone… So no.

(I have 2014 Pro only, but on my company computer, not really in use, just testing my plugins in the stolen moments :wink: )