The problems with trial extensions has not yet been solved

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Hello I will draw attention to a post by @eneroth3 written in April of 2017. I have the same problem today with the extension “s4u Connect” that I downloaded as a trial and then wanted to buy.

The problem is that it pops up only an alternative to uninstall the extension in the extension warehouse or reinstalling the trial. I do not get up the option to purchase it.

When I click on the icon of s4u Connect in SketchUp the message “No license for product (-1)” pops up.

The folks at SketchUp have not been able to solve this issue for me and it has now gone well over a year.

Thanks for reading my post.


There is a bug with the SketchUp subscription license being incompatible with Extension Warehouse licenses due to how it makes SketchUp use some other licensing server. You can contact SketchUp support and they’ll help you install extensions.

This might be related to the EW licensing issue I’ve encountered. I haven’t been able to activate any EW license myself, neither trials or bought extensions, and not even my own ones. I was told by @ChrisFullmer there was a bug that prevented registered extension developers from activating EW licenses. After several years I’m still waiting for a reply on whether this is logged internally and if it is confirmed it is being related to being a registered developer, or just a pattern that had been noticed.

If I’m not mistaken some extension developers have been set up with special SketchUp license that don’t expire, to be able to test compatibility. Maybe these licenses use some other licensing server than EW, preventing us to activate EW licenses for that reason.

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According the SketchUp Team they are not able to remove the non-working s4u Connect extension from my profile so they told me that I should make a new account (with another email address) and purchase it that way. By doing this they would try to move the entitlement to my current gmail-profile.

So it seems I have to go through a lot of work to try to sort this out.

I have suggested many times that Trimble should make an easy way for us who want to get our SketchUp license transfered from our old Google-account to a new Trimble account. Every time I have tried to make a Trimble account I have not been able to access any of my purchased extensions.

Can I ask you (eneroth3) if you use google to sign in or have you been able to get a working Trimble account?

(Btw: I am using SketchUp Pro 2018)

You can sign into a Trimble account with a Google account, but not the otherway around. Somehow, the old Google accounts turned into Trimble ID’s or ‘All for SketchUp’ accounts.

Before 2019, I would just sign in the Extension Warehouse with all the different google( or TID) accounts I had gathered during the years (one for every company that I had or name change etc.)

With the removal of the sign out option in the 2019 release (because they all want you to log in with one Trimble ID) I thought I would encounter major problems, but ended up with actually not using the extensions, anymore…
(Admittedly, I have a different job, nowadays, so I don’t really need them anymore)

With a classic license, you won’t have to log in, btw, so you can log in any time with another account (until that trial stops…)

I was testing this the other day. You can sign out from the warehouses in the main welcome of license screens, then sign in on the warehouse window with your preferred warehouse ID. If during that time you try to start a new document, it would fail (unless your other ID also had a subscription). So don’t do that.

Once you have installed the extension your other ID was entitled to, sign out and in again on the account that has the subscription.

kiwi, the steps for transferring ownership of an extension are not simple, and definitely not public. But if you send me a private message with your two email addresses, and the extension to transfer, I can do it.