Trials not working

In my attempts to understand the Licensing API despite the lacking documentation I’ve attempted to install trials of no more than three different plugins. All resulted in failure. The Extension Manager says licenses where missing for all of them despite the Warehouse saying they all had several days of trial and had a link to install the trial.

The extensions I’ve tested are Cadman Report Tool, su4u-Components and s4u-Slice. The s4u extensions exposes the return value of ExtensionLicense#error_description tobthe user, which in both cases was “No license for product (-1)”

Has anyone else had any luck recently with trials from Extension Warehouse?

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@Bryceosaurus @yogesh

Does Extension Warehouse still support trial licenses? I have tested in both SU2016 and SU207 and i neither of them any trial versions run. However Extension Warehouse within SketchUp claims the trial is installed.

EW should still support trials. @ChrisFullmer is there known issue here?

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I’ve also tried now to buy my own Extension in my web browser (while it’s still in the review queue). The transaction seemed to work and I can see myself in the list people who have bought it. However the download button in SketchUp’s internal EW browser is still titled “Purchase” and if I click it it opens up the form for buying the extension anew (that by the way doesn’t fit its frame). The form even remembers my data from the previous time I bought the extension but it doesn’t understand that I should already have a license for it. Prior to uninstalling the trial I got no feedback at all from clicking the Purchase button. There was no indication the plugin was updated, no message telling me to first uninstall the trial, no anything.

When was the last reported case of anyone succeeding to either buy a license or get a trial license? Has it even happened once?

If anyone has ever successfully bought or used a trial version from the Extension Warehouse, please comment here. I wonder if you exist at all.

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