Issues with purchases at Extension Warehouse

I’ve purchased 2 extensions at the Extension Warehouse and cannot access either as they both show being just trials. The extensions are TruOffset and S4U Slice. They were functioning previously… I had a system failure on my end. Trying to re-install everything, I cannot get these two extensions out of trial mode. Who do I contact? There doesn’t appear to be any contact information at the Extension Warehouse. What can I do?


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Scroll down till you see Customer Service in the right column.
Choose the most appropriate link.

Thanks, have sent them a message.

Hi Scott, I emailed you yesterday already, did my email come through?

No email… Nope.
Not sure how I missed it. (Even emails about the extensions are apparently not working correctly) :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you also go by the name Yogesh… ?
His solution was to be sure I was trying to install through Sketchup/Extension Wareshouse. And I assured him that I tried but the extensions I purchased only show up as trials on “my extensions”.