Upgrade SU 2017 - Purchased extensions - "trial expired" - cannot download


Hi, all.

Some of my purchased extensions appear to me as “trial expired” in the extension warehouse, so I can not download them to SU 2017.

Can somebody help me?

Thank you.


Contact the author and let him know.


Hi Dave, thanks for the reply.

In fact it’s not just one extension, I sent the PB2 print just as an example.

In SU2016 I downloaded the trial of 3 extensions, I liked them all and bought them, however they appear in the extension warehouse as a trial license and I have difficulties downloading them in SU17.


What are the other extensions?


Hi Aaron, tks for the reply.


I had the same problem with PB2. It turned out I had bought them using another account.
The solution for me was: logout from the extension warehouse -> restart SketchUp -> login with different account -> update / download works now.


Hi Max, thanks for the reply.

It did not work, I have the product purchase codes but I can not insert it because there is no download option.

When I click on the product icon, it only gives me a link to buy again and I can not download.


I think you better contact the plugin author of PB2 directly (@Whaat).


I already sent an email to the developer. As soon as I have the answer I put it here.

Tks for your time Max.


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