s4u Slice License

Hi, I have purchase today this plugin after been using the trial. After installing the new license, I can’t run it. It telling me the trial has expired. I have tried to un-install it but didn’t have much luck the first time. The second time, I un-install it and re start Sketchup, I can’t install it back!

I’m doing it through the extension warehouse. Looks like is installing it but when the process finish, is not showied as installed!

Any help?

Hi There

What version of SketchUp are you using? Also are you trying to install via the My Extensions page or the extension details page?


Hi Antonio

I think I figured out the issue. I’m going to need one of our engineers to look at fixing your order. I’ll let you know when you can try installing again. So sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi Bryce,

I’m using SketchupPro 2015.
I was trying through the extension warehouse, log in with the same
account. But this was resolve next day as I already quoted under the extension page, comments section.
Now they only other issue is trying to install it in my laptop. Is not recognizing I already purchased the extension and they only option is giving me is buying it again or as trial.

Thank for the reply.

Hi Bryce. I have un-install the extension because was showing I was in trial and now this is the msg I’m getting. It becoming a big drag all this. Could you help me please?

Thank you,

Hello Bryce,

Once again, with the new update from sketchup, I’m having the same issue again with s4u slice. I have installed SKP 2016 and trying to re-install all my plugins, all except this particular one. It’s telling me trial expired and I can’t do anything else apart from buying a new license. It’s very annoying because is a plugin I use a lot.

I have contacted the developer but they are sending me to here “forums.sketchup”

Will be great if someone can help me on this.

Thanks :cry: