Plugin License Reset

Hi All,

I’m using the S4U Slice plugin and a recent tech issue caused me to rest my machine. Unfortunately the license for the Slice Plugin didn’t reset. And according to Su4You, since I purchased the plugin through the extension store he can’t do anything about it. He manages through SketchUcation and I used the SketchUp extension store which falls under SketchUp itself.

Does anyone know how to get in touch for resetting this license info? I tried uninstalling the plugin on my laptop and reinstalling on the desktop in question but SketchUp won’t recognize it as being released on another computer.

Any info is appreciated, Thanks.


Hi @ttaylor,

I am escalating your request to several SU Team Members in anticipation that one of the admins can provide a workable solution.

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Hi @ttaylor: You should be receiving an email from our team to help you with this. Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thanks Caroline. Chris Fullmer has emailed me and everything appears to be fixed. Thanks for the help.


I am having the same issue with one of his plugins that I am trying to re-install on my machine? I had to install a clean OS on my machine and sketchup is saying I have exceeded my license limit. Its the s4u-mirror plugin I am having issues with. Can someone assist with this?

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