Need a License Reset

Hi Guys,

I was helped with this before. But the problem has come back. I upgraded to SketchUp 18 and uninstalled my Slice plugin from SketchUp 17. However the license didn’t reset so I can’t install it on SketchUp 18.

Can someone help me out? Thanks. I got it through the SketchUp store so S4U can’t help me.


Only the SketchUp team can reset licenses. You can try the support here:

Thanks Julia. I figured I’d try both the forum and their customer
service. I got Chris Fullmer to help me out last time since I believe he’s
SketchUp staff. Btw. You’re Plugins are awesome - I use a few of yours
pretty regularly. Keep up the good work.

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Glad you like them :smiley:

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