License Limit Exceeded Cant install plugin


Hi Guys,
Is there a way to fix it? I checked with developer there is no limit on his plugin
Thank you


What plugin are you referring to?


it is Su4U Slice.
I did a clean install of my os and SU 2016


This seems like it is something you must resolve with the author directly.

Have you [re]installed this from an original RBZ ?
Have you paid for a license ?

How can we be expected to help fix it ?
Discuss it with the author - it’s the only way to sort it.


Will do, again. It is the first thing I did.
Maybe it something wrong with SU Ex Warehouse? It is so slow I try not to use it.


Oddly it is not listed on the SketchUcation PluginStore - it was, and most of his extensions still are !
Maybe he simply forgot to ‘publish’ his changes to it…
Although it was previously a ‘trial’ version [v3]…
Mention the omission when you speak with him again.
He needs to click the red ‘Publish’ button !


Cheers, Thank you TIG , will do