Su For You Plugin

Although I bought a plug-in I bought from SuForYou, it gives me license issue. Please can you reset my plugin license

You have to contact SuForYou. This is the SketchUp user forum.

Sketchup extensions license needs to be reset, I already contacted them

If you mean s4u to components, I think you have it installed on a lot of machines. Uninstall it from old computers, then try installing on a new computer.

I adjusted things to keep you going for now, but as the license allows for it to be activated on two computers, any more than that exceeds what the license covers.

But as I say, try now, it may well work.

I use it on one device :roll_eyes:

Have you used it on any previous computers? Does it work now?

No I just formatted my computer and it didn’t work when I tried to install it again

Are you installing it from its product page inside the Extension Warehouse window? If you are installing an RBZ file from SketchUcation, that could lead to license issues.

That aside, what is in this text file?:

C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\EW.lic

I uninstalled it again and it worked and thank you for your attention