Licence Plugin S4U LAYER

I bought a license to use the S4U LAYERS application, in the extension warehouse, I formatted my computer, and now it is giving error: “license limit exceeded”.
How to pass a new license so that I can reactivate it on my formatted pc?
I urgently need this plugin

You need to contact the SketchUp team so they can release the license locked to the computer so it can be re-used. I think @ChrisFullmer has helped users with this in the past.

Have you logged in with the same credentials as when you bought it?
Go to Extension Warehouse, sign in and check ‘myextensions’

Yes, I have already uninstalled all of your S4U LAYER plugin possessions, and still giving the error, an account I bought through the warehouse was: “

I need a solution, I can not install the plugin

You need to contact SketchUp’s Customer Support. We can’t fix this for you.

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