S4U Transformer - No license for Product




I just installed s4u transformer and paid the license for it with the extension warehouse. But then when i tried to use the tool and i clicked on the buttons it prompts me an error box ( Sketchup no license for product (-1) ). I have Sketchup pro 2018 and i paid for the yearly license. I wanted to know how to resolve this problem.



If you paid for it, you should receive some confirmation, try to look in your spam folder of the email account you used to buy the extension/sign up.

FYI the message is from the extension, your maintenance of SketchUp has nothing to do with it.


I did receive a confirmation and i’m in touch with the creator of the extension. He’s aware of the problem but he’s not much of help. He gave me a generic answer and gave me the link of sketchup help. ( https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000264 )

Also i got in touch with sketchup team support and they gave me a generic answer as well… uninstall and reinstall the extension…

its really frustrating. Other people seem to have the same issue but no one has found a solution


Now sometimes, it has to do with how you are logged in. This is stored in the web cache. Go to the Application library folder ( type -/library in Finder->Go ) and look for SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp and delete the webcache folder
Log in with the right credentials and check if it worked


thanks mike for your help!

I just went in the library folder just like you said.

as you can see there’s no sketchup folder.



My bad . I missed Application Support

Are you in the right place? The tilde ~ should invoke the user’s library

/Users/ YOURUSERNAME /Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018


this is what i see.

Are you sure i should delete that folder? i’m a bit worried.


SketchUp will create a new one, but the empty, without history.
When in doubt in such cases, rename the folder to ‘WebCacheOld’ for instance and see what happens, If you wanna go back, delete the newly created one and rename the old to it’s original name.