Can I merge multiple accounts?

With the removal off the sign-out option for the 3D warehouse and the Extension Warehouse

  • Removed the ability to sign out from the 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse pages within SketchUp to avoid signing users out of SketchUp and thus losing access to their subscription.

will I be able to have access to my bought extensions? (I have bought extensions under different (google) accounts.

Suppose you buy a subscription on a certain account. That subscription will be tied to that TID. After the trial period, I can not acces the extension warehouse with other (google) accounts anymore?

Hi Mike, probably the best fix would be to aggregate all purchased extensions into a single account. Our Support team is able to help with.


Next time, please inform us extension developers of this. I’ve had no idea why so many of my users have had licensing issues recently or where to send them until today.

Hi @ChrisFullmer that page you’re referring to, asks the customer for their serial no. when they want to create a ticket. That’s not very helpful when it concerns a subscription…

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…or Make users who have purchased extensions through Trimble.

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