Merge Extension Warehouse accounts?

I have an old account for SketchUp that was before Trimble acquired SketchUp. I also have a gmail account. I would like to merge my account associated with my account to my account and be able to retain all the extensions that I have purchased through both accounts. How best do I go about getting this done?



Are you asking about merging two Extension Warehouse accounts?

I beleive so yes. Whatever signin controls extension purchases.

Ok… moving this into the appropriate category.

check this thread:

I did see that Mike, however I do not have a license on my personal accounts. It appears that the link you sent wants to have a license and I do not have one. How can I merge or aggregate my two accounts together without having a subscription or license?

Thanks for your response.

Whether you buy a subscription, license or an extension, even free ones(!), you will be using a Trimble ID, the “all for SketchUp” , google account etc. etc.

it is an email-address…
though, prohibited by the EULA, you may only have one Trimble ID, individuals can have more then one email-addresses, if you used more then one email address to aquire extensions, you will have the possibility to merge them.

the old email-addresses are now called Trimble ID’s…