Merged 2 emails, now all saved drawings are gone

I had a non-google email as my google account email, but then I decided to add an actual google ( email to the account as well, so I had a usable (within google) email account. when I added the new address to the account, when I log into sketchup, all the old drawings are no longer there. Is there any way to get the old drawings associated with the new email. I even tried to reset password, log on without google on my old email address, but it just automatically updated to the new email address (which doesn’t have the drawings).

Try another website and log in with the old email address
Close the tabs with the modeller, first, then open a new

You might log in with the old account, download all the models to your local machine.
Then log back into your new account and upload the models to that account.

@colin This reveals a need for an easier migration path from an old account to a new account.

You cannot merge trimble ID’s yourself nor assign the Free plan attached to each. (Basically, I think the OP has created another)
You need to login with the old credentials and download the files so you can upload it to your new account.

You can assign a (bought and paid) subscription to another email address.
The email address being the sole unique identifier of the system has some disadvantages.

Thanks for the suggestions, I was able to reset the password on my old email, but directly, not through the google link, and used the incognito to make sure no account was preattached to it, and I was able to successfully get into it.

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