Cannot find any old Projects

I created and saved several projects in 2020 and 2021. I always signed in using an email (not gmail, I didn’t have gmail) that was associated with my google account (email1). Recently I created a gmail account that is now the dominant email for my google account with no way to change it. When I sign in now using either the gmail or the old email1 as the user, it treats it as a new account and the old Projects are missing.

Does anyone know of a way to have free load with my old email as user (non gmail) and not have it link to my gmail and treat it as a new sketchup user?

Thank you in advance.

Open an incognito tab, go to and sign in using the top sign in (Trimble)
You need access to the old inbox to verify, though

I figured it out. The original non gmail email used for free Sketchup was now paired with my new google email so the new gmail email was overriding the sign in process and taking me to a new SketchUp account.

I deleted the original non gmail email from my google account and created a new google account with that original email, without gmail.

Logged in with the original non gmail user and all my files are there!

Lesson learned, if you’ve already used SketchUp, don’t add a gmail account to your google account AFTER creating the google account with a non gmail email. The gmail becomes the dominant user name.

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