My project is gone, Help!

I’ve been working on a personal project for the last week. I logged in and out without a problem and always saw the project.
This morning I reset my password to my account, and the project is no longer there. I may have switched between logging in “with Google” vs. using my gmail account directly, but now the project is gone no matter how I log in.
Can someone please help me?

Only one project is gone? Others are still there? Or all your projects are gone? Or that was the only one you had? Perhaps in the process of “switching” your account signup you actually made a new account, which would be empty. Try signing out and signing back in the old way?

Edit: sounds like maybe you tried that already?

I had only one project. I tried switching in and out of both my “manual” login and “with Google” login. The project is not there either way.
Update: if I just log in with Google to Trimble Connect (not Sketchup), I see the raw file and can load it with Sketchup. So something must be wrong with Sketchup.

You can load the file into sketchup through Trimble connect? If so Can you download the file to your computer?

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