My work is suddenly gone

I was working on a model and in the middle of my work I was prompted to log in again.
I did and then both my projects were gone!

I’m working in the free web version and use a macbook pro with Catalina. Browser Firefox.
I have tried everything, logged in and out. Both in the sketch up window and directly into trimble connect.
I can see a time stamp of a created project in trimble connect from september but no files.
Are my projects gone forever? ooohh so many hours!

maybe @colin can help with searching?

Is there a chance that you have two different email addresses, and switched from one address to the other at that point?

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Thanks but no.
I only use this one.

I remembered one more thing: It happened right when the logo changed to blue. Like three weeks or so ago.

I can see that you had been using the web application in September, with your .se email address. But then I think you started using it again with your company gmail address in October.

Try signing in with Google, using the gmail address, then compare that with signing in with the .se email.

I’m so surprised!
I never sign in anywhere with Google so I’m really glad you solved it for me. I would never have guessed.
So I must have been signed in with google by mistake and then got thrown out and my .se adress was pre set in the login prompt, which I just clicked “Yes” to. :smiley:


I seem to have lost the last of my work though when it crashed.
But better than to start over from zero.

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