Projects disappeared

I’ve just logged into the free web version of SketchUp and can’t seem to locate any of my projects. I’ve been using SketchUp for a few years now, always the free web version. The files are not in the trimble connnect tab and I’m fairly certain I’ve always used the same email, logging in via google. Any help would be appreciated.
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What if you go to and sign in there? Do you see your files?

Nope, I see the SketchUp folder but it’s still empty.

I think that your name isn’t that common amongst SketchUp customers, so it is likely that the three email addresses I see for your name are all yours. It see one gmail, one outlook, and one hotmail. It’s the outlook one that has some models in it. Try signing in that way.

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Hi Colin,

I have logged in with the outlook email and found my projects there. Though I don’t really understand how this happened, I’ve always logged in using my google account. I used the outlook email to create my google account but I don’t see why it suddenly logged in with a gmail address instead. But I’ve reset the password for the outlook account and managed to get into it that way and all my projects are there, so thank you very much.

If you would prefer to sign in with Google you could download your models from the outlook sign in, and upload them when signed back in with Google.

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