Sketchup Web: missing project files


I was working on some projects stored on the trimble connect cloud service for quite some time now, without problems.
But since early this week, when I login now, some of the project files have disappeared!!

What can I do to recover the files?

Kind Regards.

Someone else had that problem a few days ago, and the solution was that the files had been saved under a different account. In that case the same person sas associated with three accounts.

If you want to send a message to me (click on my avatar in the top left of this reply, then Message in the upper right of my profile info) with more information about who you are, I can look up to see if you have multiple accounts.

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Hi Colin, So happy to read your answer

I think i am having the same issue you were describing
I see that i have 2 licenses activated with same username 2 times

Trimble seem unable to connect with Sketchup some how
I think that there’s a glitch somewhere …

I Have also a few projects that i would really want back
I was testing Sketchup and was really enjoying it until this glitch

i really hope we can track backs my files in trimble connect
My email is

I connected using google gmail

My projects add names like

Thanks for helping

It will make stay

Waiting on your return


there also was some maintenance planned for januari 4th, that might be connected :slight_smile:

I do see two subscriptions of SketchUp Free, both against the same email address. I will check with someone at the office on Monday about that.

Great Colin!

Ouff had spent lots of energy on those mockup

Let me know if i can help?

PS the good account would be the one with all the Variations (around like 10 designs)

The other one has only one project (you can erase it)

Looking forward to login again

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way for me to see your models, or any models for a given account. If I could do that it would make tracking down missing models a lot easier.

Colin the link to the trimble connect was not working! It means i lost everything?

There is some serious copyright issues

Why did my files gone missing?

Did someone stole them?

This is serious!

It means that i cannot use sketchup?

What if this happens again??

You guys dont have any backups?

Colin i have open the projects list and it seems that all my projects are back

But for a reason there are not showing thumbnails -

Sorry for been negative and stressed

Got some magical moments with sketchup and i was afraid that they were gone …

Thanks for your help

Cloud storage as used by Trimble on Amazon’s servers is not intended for use as ‘file storage’
Cloud stores in data on multiple servers, spread out on the Globe (57 or more) it could be encrypted, as well.
Nobody knows where it is at, so nobody can steal it, but yourself with a key or token that is attached to your data.

Setup a folder on a real machine and download your project, there.
Control your own data.

There is something odd about your account, where you have two Free subscriptions against the same email address. There is a 2 to 1 chance that you are going to sign in and be connected to the wrong subscription.

It’s not supposed to work that way, and I will go over your case with a colleague tomorrow morning.

Hi Colin

Can you please investigate the double login account issue?

We need to make sure that is address quickly to avoid any future problems,

Many thanks for letting me know when its fixed


PS make sure that they DONT erase any content of course

It sounds like this is a real problem for you. Are these work related files?

I don’t think anyone would steal your files.

Hi Dave,

For a reason, my account email register 2 times

when i tried to login i saw my account was empty and got spook out!

Colin notice the issues beeing login related

Yes, those files will be work-related

but still on the start-up process

thanks for helping


I expect Colin will be able to help you out.

You shouldn’t be using SketchUp Free, then.

Yes - its part of my plan to get the full account

But first i needed to test the system and this is what happened…

Didn’t brought lots of confidence when the bug appeared- i am waiting on colin follow up

Minus the glitch, sketchup is great

Thanks Dave

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