Lost Files in SketchUp Free

I have been using the free web app version of SketchUp, haven’t been in for a few weeks and now my files are gone? I made sure the username and password is consistent, and tried the Trimble connect and they seem to be gone. Any suggestions

Do you remember what was the first date that you used it? Have you changed the way in which you sign in? For example, did you ever use the Sign in with Apple option?

Same problem for me. Used Free web version while logged in for a couple weeks until March 14. Had about 9 models saved. Came back today and all the models show as loading for a brief moment, then disappear and folders show nothing in them.

I have tried clearing cache, rebooting, Windows 10, Windows 7, and two different computers… all have the same result. Briefly shows loading of several models, then the window becomes empty showing nothing.

The screen you showed is the Home Screen, that will show recent files. I suspect that when there is an update to the site your recent files may get cleared out. Try the Trimble Connect option on the left, and see if the files are still there.

They are not there. The only way I can see this “blip” of a screen is to switch back and forth between Home and Trimble Connect. Trimble shows three folders. Two are empty and one has an old file and a couple of test files. Nine files of my past work are all missing. Unbelievable frustrating to have all my work just disappear!

So the Trimble Connect folders are empty. The Home button briefly shows the files like it used to but then they disappear. Is there a solution? With the ridiculous prices you charge, I can’t imagine customers putting up with their work being lost. Is it only the free version that steals time and effort of users by losing their work?

I haven’t seen any of my files go missing in my Trimble Connect folders. In every case where someone has reported this, though, it’s turned out that either they signed in with the wrong e-mail address or they just needed to clear their browser caches and restart their browser. The SketchUp model files were never actually deleted. That applies to hobbyist users such as yourself using SketchUp Free, as well.

I am an idiot. Sorry. I have had customers for over 30 years and I know how silly they can be. Sorry I was one of those. Rarely use the login with Gmail, but I did here. I’m going to go eat a ■■■■ sandwich without any bread.

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Sorry, was off for a few days since logging this.

As stated in the original note, I tried various emails based on reading about this issue on other strings. I have three email address I use for things. I checked all three and none of them has any of the files I was working on, in all instances, the files are gone, including Apple etc. So, based on all the feedback on this thread, it seems like that is not normal even though I am on the “free” version and they should still all be available and don’t get deleted by SketchUp for any reason? Is that correct? Thanks.

Correct. Trimble Connect is hosted on the servers of Amazon, there are 60+ locations spread over three continents (North America, Europe and Asia)

It’s basically ‘Nuke’ proof with backups going back and forth all the time.

If you have three email accounts, you might have ended up with 6 TID’s by using Apple’s ‘hide my email’ option when using that login.
That means 18 (6x3 server locations) possible places to check.

The only one to delete files on Trimble Connect is the one who is logged in and has the right permissions.

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