Files disappeared

I’ve been using the free version for a few months. Yesterday when I went to work on a file, I found my folder was empty! All my files disappeared :sob:

How do I get them back?
Is this common in SketchUp?

@it-support I don’t know if you can help. I just thought I’d try ‘support’. I’d really like my files back.

Are you signed in with your usual email address? What do you see if you go to this page:

I managed to find that, but everything is totally different! It doesn’t look like the SketchUp free I was using at all

When I go to the SketchUp website then to the free version (the way I had always done it) I get this

When I click on the Edit in SketchUp, I get this

That wasn’t clear. When I go to Trimble, open a model, wait for it to convert, then click on Edit in SketchUp, I get the error message.

I found them in SketchUp. The site you sent me to took me to files under a gmail account. It has my models in the Trimble 3D viewer but it couldn’t open them in SketchUp. When I logged into SketchUp with a yahoo account, I can see the models, the same models that showed up with the gmail account. So right now, I can’t open the SketchUp models in the 3D viewer and I can’t open the 3D models from Trimble in SketchUp because it seems the same models are under two accounts, one for each site.

There are three main server locations on this planet: America, Asia and Europe. If you have two accounts you use to login, there are 6 possible locations were you’re files are.