Sketchup-Web saved files have disappeared from Trimble

Back on 4th Jan, I exported some images from some Sketchup models I hade been working on for the days leading up. I was using Sketchup Web. So I was saving to Trimble.

Now that I need them, they have disappeared with no trace.

I’ve checked all my email accts for Trimble sign-up welcome emails, and there is just one, so I’m as sure as I can be that I’m logging in under the right user account.

I appreciate that Trimble make this available for free, and so don’t provide any way to ask for their help, but if anyone has any pointers tips or guidance for me or any insights into why the files might have evaporated, I would dearly love to hear them!


Can you try going to both of these links, to see if it makes a difference?:

The Trimble ID system is case sensitive and pays attention to periods. So, justin.maxwell might not work, if you originally signed up with Justin.Maxwell, for example.

The support options for Free, Shop, Pro, are different, and for Free it is relying on ‘community’ (these forums for example). But, some of the best answers appear here, and also lots of people on the SketchUp team do read the forums.

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Thanks so much. I’ve found my files! :smiley:

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Were they at both of the locations, or just one of them?

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