Lost files from 5 years ago

Hello, I used to use free sketchup web version many years ago. I spent many years building a 3D house file and today when I logged in I noticed that Sketchup is now under Trimble and things have changed.
I lost my old file and I can’t find it anywhere.

Things I’ve already tried

  • Signed into all my emails and checked
  • Looked in all the save locations (Trimble connect + Home)
  • Looked in all the Hidden folders in Windows OS
  • Used voidtools and still nothing

Please, I am actually very depressed because I lost it. Help me.

Well things never usually stay the same.

FYI, Trimble acquired the SketchUp product family in 2012.

It was Trimble that developed (and released in Nov 2017) the web edition first called “SketchUp for Web” then later “SketchUp Free”.

In order for someone to possibly help, they would need to know your user name when you signed into the web edition. It it the same as your forum name?

It might also help to know the name of the model file.

Don’t post it publicly. Wait for a Trimbler to post here or private message you.
Also you should reassign this topic to the Technical Problems > SketchUp for Web subcategory.
Those that can help most likely “watch” that subcategory.

But keep in mind that support does not come with SketchUp Free.

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Yes my username is the same as before.
And okay I will wait for someone from the team to message.

Sketchup belongs to Trimble for over a decade now, and the free web version was released already under Trimble ownership, so there’s no way you wouldn’t know that it belongs to Trimble. You should contact sketchup support, they could possibly help you to recover the file, on this forum most of the members are just users.

Users do not get support with SketchUp Free. But perhaps if they buy Go …

I’m so sad. I spent 2+ years developing the 3d plan for my house.
Now I don’t know how I could invest that time again

FWIW, the free web version comes with a free Trimble Connect plan to host the models that you create under a project that is named ‘SketchUp’.

It’s located in the North America pod.
Unless the user deliberately deletes the project in the project settings, this project will alway be available for the right email address (the only unique identifier, there can be many identical usernames)

Trimble Connect doesn’t delete any data unless specifically requested by the user ( there might be cases where a user decides to remove an account)

As it turned out, this project was also locally hosted when doing a trial a few years back and this wasn’t published to the cloud servers.

It got lost locally.

There is only one Free account under your current Gmail address. and that was started only just over 2 1/2 years ago. If you remember spending many years working on a model, that sounds like it started before September 2020. Which would mean you have used a different email in the past.

If you can think of any email address you have used other than your current Gmail one, the old models may be under that email address.

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