Lost Files in Trimble Connect

I have (had) 2 SketchUp models saved in Trimble Connect. I have tried to access them today & they are not there. This is hours of work can anyone help with retrieving them?

How are you accessing them?
Go to connect.trimble.com and sign in with the same email address that you used when doing the files.
Once signed in, check for other locations on the left (Europe, Asia or America)

Hi Sarah,

Along with checking in Trimble Connect, a good thing to confirm is that you are logged into the same account that you were using when you created and saved your models.


Hi Everyone, thank you for your replies. I’ve found them again - I don’t know what I did but they are back.


@sarahPG Where did you find the files again? I only ask as I was working on a personal project a couple of weeks back. Now I’ve come back to it, both files I had saved in sketchup web have vanished. I’ve had a look in trimble (think it made me sign in there, so not sure that is where I was saving them), but I’d be surprised they’ve gone completely.

Does anyone know if theres a time limit that files saved in sketchup web (free) are stored for before deletion?

Didn’t want to start a complete new thread if its a common issue for noobs. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Ignore the above. Found the (blindingly obvious) suggestion in this thread ( Files gone! ) to check that I was signing in with the same account. Well, whaddaya know!

Trimble Connect and SketchUp web have their own sign ins, but if you are signing in with the same email address you would see the same models.

The two most common cases where models are apparently lost, are:

  1. You used one email address while using the Free or 30 day trial of Studio, but then when you bought Shop you used a different email address.

  2. In the Home part of the web app you had some models, and now they are gone. Those ones are recent files, and sometimes when the app software is updated the recent files list is cleared. They should still be in your Trimble Connect project.

Wow. Rapid response Colin. Thanks! I must have been in the process of editing my post above whilst you were replying. Found the files. Had originally signed in with one email address and when I came back to it I just hit sign-in with google. D’oh. Sorry for wasting your time! :frowning:

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