All of my SketchUp Online files are gone. How can I recover them?

I always use my work email to save files and when I login and check today all of my work is gone and it’s asking me to start a model now. Has anyone ran into this issue before? Does this autosave any of the files locally that maybe I can recover? No clue what to do now but restart…

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Where online are you saving the files?

I looked around for the email address you use in the forum, and can’t find it anywhere. That suggests you use more than one email address with pages. If you open a private window and sign in with your work email, do you then see anything different?

Also, sometimes the recent files area may get cleared out. When you get to the home page for the web version of SketchUp, try clicking on the Trimble Connect option on the left. See if there are projects and files in there.

This happened to me just now as well. Logged in and my three models that I was working on are gone. Tried logging out and back in but no luck.
Using the online free version… do models saved there have time limits on them ? I didn’t see anything in the product literature regarding that!

No. Nearly every time files go “missing” the problem is because the user has signed in with the wrong e-mail address.

Either try the Trimble Connect option on the left, to see if there are projects and models there, or, do you have another email address that includes contracting@ as part of the address? If you don’t, that’s another user who has the same name as you. If you do, try that sign in instead.

I only have one email account set up for Sketchup, and saved the initial login info to my Google account and it autopopulates and signs in automatically … same way I always log in.

Ok, panic averted. thanks to you and DaveR for the advice. It was under a different email address. For some reason the Google autofill used a different email address and pw … strange but possible , obviously!
Thanks again!

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Might want to look into that and straighten it out.

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I get that too. When you sign in with Apple, the sign in is sensitive to the web site you are using, because you may have previously blocked your email for that site. With sign in with Google, it lets you use any of your Google identities, and is likely to auto fill with the last one you happened to use on any site, which need not be the one you usually use for the site you are signing into.

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Appreciate the prompt support, that was impressive !