Saved Files Gone

Opened the free Web SketchUp after not using for a couple weeks and the 2 saved files I was working on are no longer there. Tried logging out and back in, but still showing no saved files. Anyone run into this issue or have any ideas how to get my saved files back? I was working on the Web version, so don’t have any files on my computer.

Are you logged in on more than one computer or browser or tab?

I am logged in on one computer and browser. Initially I had it open on one tab and then tried other browsers/tabs. Restarted my computer and opened on one browser and tab and still no saved projects.

Did you login or did the browser remember the session? Try signing out, then back in.

Hey @nepotima. We want to make sure we identify this issue correctly. Can you sign in directly to Trimble Connect? If your files did save correctly, they would be available here.

Once you’ve done that – whether or not it works – please chime in here. From there, we’ll need some more information for our team to research.


I have the same problem. My saved model disappeared. And I can’t find it in my Trimble account either. Is there any solution?

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