Missing saved files - Sketchup free

Hi, I’ve seen some other forum posts on this, but I created a project (for the first time) yesterday on the free sketchup on the web. Went to save the file and created the Trimble login in the process, using my only email address (I don’t have a Google ID login etc). Today, there are no files saved where they should be. It is only a small project but took quite a bit of time working some things out, so very hopeful it is somewhere!

Hi MJ2022,

I only started working on some projects 3-4 days ago and today they have all gone missing as well (I have multiple email addresses/google sign ins but I have tried to log in with them all just in case and still no luck).

I’m hoping it’s to do with the update SketchUp was doing recently and that they’ll reappear soon. Let us know if you get any answers or resolutions please!


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