Lost project,sketchup free

I am using SketchUp free and was working on a project for a few hours, and when i went to save it it crashed, i can no longer find the project, can anyone help me?

I can’t login into my account. If login it says «A user with the given email doesn’t exist. Please signup below.»

You could try using the Sign in with Google option, see if that gets you through.

Normally if you open the web app in the same browser on the same computer, you will be offered a chance to load the model that you had been working on.

Did you do any save at all, or was this going to be the first save?

it was going to be first save, it crashed the first time and i loaded it back up successfully but when i tried to save it again it crashed and was lost.

If you are still using the web version, you can go to the Trimble Connect section and look at the file there. One of the options is History, and you should be able to go back to the last version that was in good condition.

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